Foaling Down

Foaling Down at South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice, Meroo Meadow NSW

Idyllic surrounds, safe fencing, green grass and a vet on hand 24/7, the perfect conditions for foaling down!

At South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice, we are able to offer this service to a select number of mares.
The mare should ideally be at the practice 1 month before her due date so she can settle in, and in case of early arrival.
She will be wormed and given her final tetanus booster, and then fed and monitored until the big day.
Following foaling both she and her foal will be checked – she for any foaling damage, retained placenta, or milk issues, the foal for limb problems, IGG (checking it received enough colostrum), umbilicus, …Should you want to re-breed the mare she will be at the right place for that to happen without having to transport the foal.