Lameness Examinations

Lameness Examinations at South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice, Meroo Meadow NSW

Having trained and ridden many many horses and ponies for a lot of years, Gill knows when something’s “not right”.


Horses can be lame for many reasons, and the obvious ones like a foot abscess or swollen leg are usually diagnosed and treated without too many problems. But it’s the lameness that isn’t always seen but the rider feels something, or there is an unwillingness to perform, or a change in behaviour that is hard to diagnose.

Performance horses across all disciplines are likely to have issues. Diagnosis can be time consuming, and treatment can be complex, but once you know what’s wrong you have a great chance to get your horse performing well again.. Often the horse needs to be observed under saddle.

At South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice we have a beautiful “viscoride” arena where you can ride your horse safely and show Gill the problem.

If you would like a lameness assessment or examination of your horse, call Gill today.