Preventative Care

Preventative Care at South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice, Meroo Meadow NSW

Vaccinations for tetanus and strangles
 – are advised to be performed annually, after an initial course of 2 , 4 weeks apart for tetanus and 3, 2 weeks apart for strangles.

Vaccinations for Hendra – are now annual, again an initial course of 2, 3 weeks apart, a third one 6 months later, then annually.

Teeth – at least once a year, performed by an Equine Dental Vet, like Gill.

Worm Management – Gill can supply wormers and advise the right one for the season  and can organise a faecal egg count to check how your horse is going and if the worm program is working.

Corrective Shoeing – whilst Gill isn’t a farrier, she works closely with Kel Priestley, and is also able to work in with your own farrier.

Skin Conditions – the dreaded “itch” common on the lovely South Coast requires great management from owner and Vet if its to be controlled. Sarcoids, skin cancers, rough hair coat, all need veterinary care, which we offer at South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice.

Cushings Disease – does your generally older horse or pony have a really long coat which it doesn’t shed? Is it prone to laminitis, or repeated foot abscesses, thirsty and drinks and urinates a lot? Then it could have Cushings, which we can test for and treat.

Microchip Implant – required now by most breed societies and Equestrian Australia.