Training, handling, rehabilitation

Training, handling and rehabilitation at South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice, Meroo Meadow NSW.


Limited vacancies exist for horses requiring dressage training.

Gill is always available to give lessons to riders of all ages and stages who wish to improve their knowledge and performance in any area of riding, on their own horse.

Confident riding comes from good training and education of both the horse and rider. All the best sportsmen and women have a coach, why is it most horse riders do not?

Gill’s arena has a fabulous surface which your horse will appreciate. Make a date today!

At SCEVP we can teach your foal to lead, have its feet done, go on a float.

We can wean your foal.

If your horse needs recovery time and then some rehabilitiaion work before it goes home we can do that too.

Just get in touch and discuss your needs.