The dedicated team at South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice is lead by Dr Gill Rickard BVSc(hons)

Dr Gill Rickard Equine VetAlthough from a non horsey family Gill started riding at age 7 because her older sister had pushed their parents into getting a pony. Gill learnt to ride and then inherited her sisters pony “Ricky”…

Ricky was not a perfect first pony.
Whenever they did jumping he either refused the fence or pig-rooted on landing.
No wonder Gill decided dressage and training was the way to go.
Successive ponies then horses carried Gill through school, and university. Each one teaching her more than she taught them.

In 1990 she took the palomino stock horse mare “Peaches and Cream” to first World Equestrian Games in  Stockholm Sweden, as part of the first ever Australian Dressage team…the team came 13th.
Since then various horses have been very important in Gill’s life, including Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Anglo Arabs, pure bred Arabs, ponies and Andalusian’s.

Currently she is campaigning “Grandioso MG” a 10 year old bay imported Andalusian stallion, who is now competing at Grand Prix Dressage.

Gill’s working life has been first as a school teacher, then as a professional horse and rider trainer ( NCAS Level 3 specialist dressage coach) and then as a veterinarian. After spending 7 years working at Illawarra Equine Centre and learning from Repro guru David Searle, Gill offers her substantial expertise in advanced reproductive techniques to you. You can rest assured that with her own horse experience your horse will get the best attention and care from South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice.

Belinda Tekis - South Coast Equine Veterinary PracticeBelinda Tekis

All of my life has somehow revolved around Animals.
I began bringing kittens, ducks, mice, rabbits, fish & birds home from the age of 5. My Parents were very patient or just resigned to the fact that new pets kept appearing. Something I have never grown out of!… now living on 30 acres with a small menagerie, my loving husband and 2 children.

I was taught at a very early age the responsibilities that came along with owning pets (thanks Mum) It took me some time to convince my Dad that I needed a Horse, getting my first one at 15, a pure Arabian Gelding who started off my love of endurance riding.

Vet Nursing seemed like the career path for me, so after doing small animals for years then progressing to horses at Illawarra Equine Centre working with Gill. I’m excited to be Working again with Gill in her new venture South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice.

Taron Wheeler - South Coast Equine Veterinary PracticeTaron Wheeler

I have been ‘horse mad’ since I was a little girl and growing up in a ‘non horsey’ family didn’t stop me from chasing my horse dreams and making a life out of my passion.
I grew up riding any horse I could find! And it wasn’t until I was 14 that I talked (begged) my Dad who was busy raising myself and my two sisters into allowing me to buy a horse.
We bought a 4 year old OTT thoroughbred. Syra and I spent every hour that I wasn’t asleep or at school together and it was through Syra that I got my first ‘horse job’.
Late 2010 I started working for top internationally recognized showjumping team, Team Priestley. Kel, Kareena and Jamie have taught me everything I know about horses and riding whilst I have been travelling around Australia and internationally with them. It was with Team Priestley that I completed my traineeship and obtained my Cert lll in Equine Breeding. Completing the Cert lll helped me realize that it is equine breeding and rehabilitation that intrigues me the most and here at South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice everyday is just that!
My outside life consists of family, my fiancé Aaron, sports and my two beautiful thoroughbred geldings, Rory and Nullah. Rory and I have weekly showjumping lessons with Kareena and Jamie Priestley and are hoping to make our debut in the next few months. Nullah is only 4 and I recently started him under saddle…he is proving to be an exciting little man with a big future ahead of him!
I am more than excited to be a part of the fantastic team at South Coast Equine Veterinary Practice and cant wait to learn and experience as much as I can working along side Dr Gill.